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Art Therapy

Love this. Sometimes you just need to take time and let yourself process or even just take a break.

Lori Neff

I show up at my friend’s door, anxious, running late, with minimal supplies in my canvas bag: paper, a collection of paints and brushes. We settle ourselves downstairs in her kitchen, sitting at her table with a black and gray granite top. Heavy, cool, forgiving if paint makes it’s way off the paper.

“I don’t know where to begin”, I say. I always say this. I know that half of the process is just showing up. She sighs and says, “Me neither.” We sit for a few moments, silent, in front of blank paper… trusting… waiting…

I finally pull out a small piece of paper and doodle tiny circle after tiny circle. I’d read somewhere that this was a good anxiety-reducing technique and a good place to start if you’re stuck creatively.

I doodle and think while we chat a bit. Then, I gradually doodle and feel. I feel sad, uncertain…

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A Quick and Easy Guide to Choosing Which Book of the Bible to Read Next

Cherry Drop Princess


I love reading the bible, but sometimes it can be hard to know what book to read next. I mean there are just so many of them, where do you start!

That’s why I thought I would come up with a quick guide to help you choose which book to read next, based on your other interests.

A Quick and Easy Guide to Choosing which Book of the Bible to Read Next

If sweet romantic stories tickle your fancy you will love reading Ruth, curled up on the sofa with a bar of dairy milk!
If you are always watching home improvement programmes like Grand Designs then be sure to read Nehemiah.
If you enjoy a bit of gore and violence then pick up the book of Judges.
If you like stories with a strong female lead then go ahead and read Esther.
If you always loved the

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